Best Rates

Make your reservation directly on our website and guarantee the
best price available for the period.

How does
it work?

Making your reservation through the hotel's official website (,
and finding a lower rate for the same hotel on other sites within 24 hours after your reservation,
we match the value of the offer* found and we still offer a 5% discount.

All customers who have made their reservations on our official
website ( and who prove the existence of a lower rate than
the one offered in the hotel's own website, have the right to request the rate revision.
As long as it is in accordance with the restrictions and conditions of the commercial
policy of "Best Rate Guarantee".

Who is
entitled to
the discount?

to request?

To use the "Best Rate Guarantee" policy, the customer must fill all the fields of the
form or send an email directly to the hotel with the following information (full name,
reservation number, e-mail and a print screen of the site where the rate was found).

In the case of acceptance and confirmation that the rate found
on another site is lower than the Harbor Hotels website, an email
with the booking confirmation will be sent with the recalculated value.
In case of change in the period of lodging, the value will return to the
previous one, without the discount.

For requests whose result is negative, due disagreements between
the policy restrictions and business conditions. The original reservation
made by the client will remain valid, and with the values applied at the
time of booking. No need to change.

Acceptance or
of the request

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Restrictions and commercial conditions:

• The rate review must be requested until 24 hours after the purchase on the website (purchases with payment under review or pending are not covered by the policy);

• The request for rate review will only be analyzed and valid if the value indicated as inferior was online and available when the hotel verify (conference held within 24 hours after sending the contact form or email) and the fees should be already included in the rate (rates without fees will not be considered valid);

• The "Best Rate Guaranteed" policy will only be valid if the following conditions are obeyed: 1) It is the same hotel; 2) The check-in and check-out period be the same; 3) It is the same apartment category; 4) Have the same rate condition (refundable, non-refundable, minimum days, last minute...); 5) Have the same amount of guests;

• Requests by contact form or via email, must contain the following information: full name, reservation number, email address and the print screen of the website where the lower rate was found. Forms and emails with incomplete entries and missing information will be considered invalid;

• Images with manipulations or any treatment will be immediately discarded and will not be valid. The act may be characterized as "False news disclosure", and the person will be held legally responsible;

• The "Best Rate Guarantee" policy is not cumulative with other promotions of the company, being exclusively for individual clients. Not valid for groups, travel agencies and companies;

• The "Best Rate Guaranteed" policy is valid for all hotels of the company that are available for reservations through the official website (